Synvisc ONE

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Genzyme engages in the development and marketing of biotherapeutics and biomaterial products worldwide. Its primary products include Synvisc, Synvisc ONE and Seprafilm.  The Synvisc product line is used to treat the pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee and to improve mobility. The Seprafilm products help in preventing adhesions that develop during post-surgery.

Challenge: Communicate value to doctors, with special attention to the amount of time that will become available when the doctor will need to see patience only once, as compared to three times with SYNVISC and up to five times with competing products.

Solution: “ONE Gets It Done” speaks to benefit of a single injection of SYNVISC-One represents the most effective, most efficient treatment for up to six months of relief from the pain of OA. The campaign covered doctor office materials,  pre-launch mailers, patient education and pilot study.

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