TRUCLEAR Morcellator

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Smith & Nephew Endoscopy is the world leader in arthroscopy or minimally invasive surgery of the joint. This includes the knee, shoulder, hip, wrist and ankle. Endoscopy is a dynamic and growing market, driven by the desire for an improved quality of life among patients, and the increase in sports-related injuries.

Challenge: Differentiate TRUCLEAR from alternative solutions by positioning it as a complete hysteroscopic morcellation technology for the removal of acquired intrauterine defects and RPOC. Ensure that TRUCLEAR owns the position that it is the only pathology-optimized system. Establish TRUCLEAR as a consistent, efficient, and effective choice for the removal of acquired intrauterine defects and abnormalities. Imbue confidence in hysteroscopic morcellation as a viable, reliable, and preferred treatment option.

Solution: “A Clear Advantage” campaign uses dot-style artwork to mimic the appearance of polyps and fibroids. The tail of the butterfly is made up of all of the disease states conveying the concept of a complete system.

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